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Measured Search® offers a range of deployments and support plans designed to meet your needs.

SearchStax® has you covered whether you are looking for a light-weight development environment or a production-worthy, high-uptime system for mission-critical applications.

Basic and Standard Deployments

The SearchStax dashboard lets you create two kinds of deployments:

These two types of deployments may be paired with any of four support plans (see below).

Support Plans

SearchStax offers Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Platinum Plus support plans.


This is the "free" level of support when you open a SearchStax account.


The Gold plan is suitable for production environments. It extends SearchStax with:

The Gold-level Service License Agreement (SLA) provides Silver-level service plus:


Platimum support has all the features of Gold, plus:

The Platinum SLA provides Gold-level service plus:

Platinum Plus (White Glove)

The Platinum Plus support plan includes the features of the Platinum plan, plus:

The Platimum Plus SLA provides Platimum-level service plus:

Availability Reporting

Clients who select Gold, Platinum or Platinum Plus levels of support get access to an Availability Report in the SearchStax dashboard. This is a graph and a summary that documents response time and downtime so they can be compared with the guarantees of the SLA. Screenshot

Plan Best Practices

We recommend these best practices when selecting your infrastructure provider and deployment.

Data Storage Needs

How many documents will you be loading into your Solr indexes? Select a plan that includes enough dedicated storage to meet your application's needs. If you anticipate very large storage requirements, talk with us about a custom plan.


For mission-critical applications a Basic deployment will probably not meet your needs. Choose an appropriate Standard plan with its three redundant nodes and its three-node Zookeeper ensemble. If one server fails, the other two keep the system in service with no downtime.


It is a best practice to run your application tier as close as possible to your users. SearchStax offers cloud hosting centers around the world: three in the United States, two in Europe, and one each in India, Singapore, and Australia.

Solr Version

Choose the cloud provider and region that supports your required Solr version. We currently support versions 4.x, 5.1, 5.4, 5.5, 6.4, and 6.6 with support for other versions soon to come.


There is a plan-pricing calculator on our Plans and Pricing web page.

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