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SearchStax® from Measured Search® lets you create as many deployments as you require for the unique needs of your Solr-based applications. When you create a deployment you can choose your cloud provider, Plan, and Solr version. Once a deployment is created, you can secure it using advanced networking capabilities. Then you can configure and populate your Solr collections.

Creating a Deployment

Deployments are created via the SearchStax Dashboard.

SearchStax Create New Deployment button

To create a Deployment

  1. From your SearchStax Dashboard, click on Create New Deployment.
  2. Provide a name for the Solr Deployment.
  3. Specify the Cloud Provider, Region, Plan, and Solr version for your Deployment.
  4. Click on Create Deployment.

For more information concerning cloud providers and Plans see Plans.

If you select a Standard Plan, you can secure it using the Security Settings of the Deployment. This lets you to secure the cluster via specific IP address, range of IP addresses, or AWS Security Groups.

Managing Your Deployments

SearchStax Deployment display You can use the SearchStax Dashboard to manage your deployments. When you create a Solr Deployment you will be sent an email with useful helper scripts for easily configuring Zookeeper, creating Solr collections, and populating your Solr collections with data (documents). You can then use the SearchStax Dashboard to monitor the performance of your Solr deployment, including key server metrics such as CPU and Memory utilization, Search Throughput, and Indexing throughput. These reports help you to tune your Solr deployments.

SearchStax Dashboard Navigation

Details about all of the SearchStax server-management features are covered in this documentation. Simply use the navigation pane on the left for a deep dive into the server-management features of interest.


SearchStax charges are billed automatically each month based on the chosen plan and any overages.

How Are Charges Calculated?

Charges are calculated on a monthly basis, based on your selected Plan. Additional charges may also be applicable on your monthly bill, based on your account activity within the given month. For example, for a Basic deployment each additional node is charged at the full Plan rate. For example, a $30 Basic plan with one additional node would be charged at $60 per month. For Standard plans, on the other hand (dedicated clusters), additional nodes are charged at 1/3 of the price of the cluster. For example, a Standard Plan at $270 with one additional node would be charged at $270 + $90 = $360.

Changing/Scaling a Deployment

SearchStax makes it easy to change or scale your Solr deployment with two flexible options: Additional Shards and Rolling Updates.

Additional Shards

One way of scaling your Solr deployment is to simply add additional shards to your Solr collection. This can be appropriate for adding additional high availability/fault tolerance, or for maximizing query capacity.

To add a new node

  1. Click on the Add nodes button in the Deployment list you want to upgrade.
  2. Select number of nodes you want to add.
  3. Click on Add button.

Wait until deployment is upgraded.

Rolling Updates

With a rolling update, SearchStax will grow your deployment by bringing additional virtual machines online without interrupting your business operations. In a rolling update, a new node is brought into the cluster and data from the other nodes is seamlessly replicated to the new node with zero downtime.

Removing a Node from the Cluster

It is possible to remove added nodes that you don't need anymore. You cannot remove the original nodes that are required by your plan. (In Basic Plan it's one node; in Standard Plan, it's three.)

To remove nodes:

  1. Open the Deployment you want to downgrade.
  2. Click on Delete node link of the node of your choice.
  3. The node will be removed immediately.

Deleting a Deployment

You can delete a deployment from the SearchStax Dashboard.


Make sure to save your data to a safe place before deleting an entire Solr deployment!

To delete a deployment:

  1. From the SearchStax Dashboard, click on the Deployment that you want to delete.
  2. Click on Delete Deployment.
  3. Confirm the action.

Cloning a Deployment

It is possible to create a clone of a deployment. This creates a point-in-time snapshot of your deployment. Ongoing changes in the original deployment will not be reflected in the clone.

To clone a deployment, please open a request with